Are you an Osteopath who works in the pediatric field? OsteoBaby is the site where you can find useful products and services for your work.

Thanks to years of osteopathic experience in the pediatric field some essential devices have been created in order to make comfortable and easy an activity, that is made of treatments but also of communication and explanation.

The empathic relationship with parents and children let emerge over time other needs, which have been satisfied by the collaboration with different professionals, to stimulate the growth in the right direction.


OsteoBaby was born from the idea of an Osteopath who has been working with children for almost twenty years and from her passion for their full care. The attention to keep a correct posture while working has led her to think of a suitable support to welcome the newborn and treat him with great comfort for both: OsteoBaby Bed. To facilitate the explanation of cranio-facial asymmetries to parents, she created OsteoBoard Baby.